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Top 7 Tips for Fight Scenes

Fight scenes need to have the right amount of detail. Not enough and the reader won’t be able to follow what’s going on. Too much and the reader will get lost in the detail...

Welcome to the Madhouse – SE Sasaki

I’m just going to get right down to it—this book had me hooked from page one. Welcome to the Madhouse features a strong female main character—Dr. Grace Lord—and a lot of really interesting themes that are particular to futuristic science fiction, but also raise questions and concerns for modern day scientific advancements.

Books For A Good Claus

Searching for a unique gift for an avid reader on your holiday list? This December you can get a signed copy of a best-selling book delivered right to your door, while supporting a great...

ID Press Call For Submissions Interview

ID Press recently announced a call for submissions for their next anthology—Nefarium: The Element of Crime. I talked to editor Connie Di Pietro about her expectations for open calls for submissions. If you’re considering writing for this anthology, you definitely want to see what she had to say!

The Prince and the Puppet Affair – GW Renshaw

The story follows Veronica Chandler, a 19-year-old Albertan detective, as she is sent after a supposedly cheating husband; although, as with most detective stories, all was not as it seemed. In the second book of the series, Veronica was once again forced into a supernatural situation beyond her immediate control.

Axel Howerton Interview

Axel Howerton is a former entertainment journalist, and the Arthur Ellis Award nominated author of the detective caper Hot Sinatra; the modern gothic fairytale Furr; the zombie novella Living Dead at Zigfreid & Roy;...

Furr – Axel Howerton

I tried to come up with a “X meets Y” comparison in attempt to explain how amazing I thought this book was, but it just wasn’t possible. Because Furr is not like anything I’ve read before. It’s fantasy, it’s poetic, it’s descriptive, and it shouldn’t have ended.

Top 7 Tips for Series Writers

Writing a series is typically an attractive but daunting task. On one hand, series can sell really well and, as an author, you can imagine having a large following like Lord of the Rings...